EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In an unpleasant quotation of Adolph Hitler “Show me the music of a nation’s youth and I will rule the country” We are art. It is human nature to express ourselves. The nature of our being in itself depicts us as gregarious mammals. This is so because of our nature to communicate with each other. Perhaps communication may seem to many as telephonic conversations, typed letters, radios and TVs, but art is existence. It is a broader scope of what would identify as communications. Art, in a sense we as Kgokagano believe in art as the art to create. Creation that evolves in many sorts and exiting states of being, hence we do what we do.


Based in Mankweng approximately 27Km south east of Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa. The organisation has been, prior to being what it is now, as Kgokagano Arts and Cultural Organisation which was established in 2001, until the organisation gained its legal identity in 2007 as a close corporation, registered under the laws and Acts of the Republic of South Africa. We are a solely black owned organisation, with Ms Rampedi owning 100% stock of the business. Though the organisation delivers the best in all artistic quotes, we also cater in certain areas of the entertainment industry, of which you are to find herein. As we are defiantly to prove that we do unlock people’s minds. .


Education, recognised skills, families fed, truth and prosperity, youth development, artistic and cultural way of independence, professionalism, awareness we saw and are willing to live for. .


To instil the spirit of traditional and cultural heritage pride in South African youths, with the main objective being to uproot patriotism buried deep in our sub-conscious mind. That’s laying a table of understanding set to broaden our relationship with our clients. .